The 2010 Mills Family Reunion will take place at the
    Swiss Hall in Tillamook, Oregon on Saturday, August 7th.

    Come celebrate the Legacy of Ralph and Lydia Mills (Grocie & Boo).

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2006 Reunion Quilt

The Quilt Coordinator

This year’s quilt coordinator is Candy Stauffer. Candy decided to make a string quilt for this year’s reunion. String quilts allow you to create beautiful quilts from accumulated bits and pieces of fabric and provide a totally different sewing experience than most pieced quilts. All each block requires is a square piece of backing, several strips of complementary pieces of fabric, and some creativity!

Candy found a group of “rehabilitated” fabrics that coordinated well (some were old sheets!), cut them into strips, and sent them to participating family members. Family members were invited to include their own scraps with the fabrics provided to give the quilt a unified effect.

Although the appearance of the final product is still under wraps, you can get a sneak peak at the design in the pictures below.

Join us at the reunion, buy a few raffle tickets, and maybe it will become yours! Raffle tickets will be a dollar each. If you have questions about the quilt click here to send Candy a message. Please include a return e-mail address so that she can respond to you directly.

Planning a quilt block
Betsy arranging strips into quilt blocks
Candy sewing strips into quilt blocks
Candy taking a picture of the quilt layout

2004 Reunion Quilt

The quilt coordinator for 2004 was Terry Hoover. She reported, "This project has been a very positive experience...I would like to tell everyone that I really appreciate the responses, and how quickly everyone got their squares done and back to me." The 2004 quilt was a sampler quilt, with red, white and blue fabrics throughout. The quilt raffle was won by Doris Mills.